The following rules are enforced on all Rusty Ranch Servers:

server rules

There are only 5 rules for this server. They are easy to follow and violators must take an intentional and obvious step to break them.

No Hacking

No Pretending to be Admin

No Racism

No Pornography

No Advertising

While in game, type /report in chat, followed by a comment to report any violations or suspected violations directly to Admin.


Hacking is using third-party software or hardware to give players abilities that cannot be replicated in the game without such software or hardware. This server uses mods to identify hacks such as aim-bot, hacks that show stash locations, etc. to combat this.

Pretending to be admin makes it difficult for players to play freely and unbothered. Rusty Ranch clearly identifies admin for players’ sake. Admin does not play on the server.

Racism is any words, images or activity that perpetuates discrimination based on race. Another definition, another opinion,

the context or intended context, and whether or not it was perceived by another

player are all considered irrelevant to enforcing violations. If the violation

would likely cause consequences at school or work, it would likely be a

violation here.

Pornography is any image pasted using

the Sign Artist plugin that shows any nudity or sexual activity. If the image

would cause consequences at school or work, it would likely be a violation

here. Remember, there are children that play this game.

Advertising saturates the chat and is

therefore not allowed in game chat. You may use the advertising channel in the

discord, however. You may advertise your streaming channel or even another rust



All rule violators are permanently game banned, not kicked, and all bans are reported to applicable rust player databases.

What this means for violators is quite simple: Failing to follow the rules on this server may affect your ability to play on other community servers.

These rules are automatically enforced using Server Armour, RustAdmin and BetterChatFilter.